Thursday, December 25, 2008

Don't Vote Rudy

I know that you are excited by the idea of a Blazer in the dunk contest. I am on record agreeing with you on that. But I beg you, do not vote for Rudy to be included in this event. Unless he has some sort of hidden ability we are not aware of, the man does not belong. Yes, I know he finishes a lot of alley oops. Yes, I know he did this to Dwight Howard. I am not putting forth the argument that the man is not athletic. I'm just saying that he is probably not NBA Dunk Contest athletic.

Have you honestly ever seen Rudy reach a level of elevation on a dunk that is not achievable by the average NBA shooting guard? This is a League where a player shorter than Fernandez, who has had knee surgery, can make this look pedestrian. And that guy will never be in a dunk contest.

Given that the other candidates do not match Rudy's international fame or enjoy a fan base as enthusiastic as Rip City, I fear Fernandez could win this vote. If that happens I will be curious to see how Blazer fans react to what would likely be a disappointing showing. Is that what you want to see? An exciting, talented young Blazer rendered impotent by Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson, and Rudy Gay?

I do want a Blazer in the dunk contest, but not like this. It is just not a good fit. If this were the three-point contest, I would send votes Rudy's way on the hour. Not to mention there is a far better candidate.

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