Friday, September 21, 2007

Khryapa'n back into the news

Blazer fans loved Viktor Khryapa and were sad to see him go. We always love the hustle guys, but I think a lot of us recognized that the man had some decent skills to go along with the effort we saw on the floor. Every once in a while he'd blow up the boxscore, but Khryapa is one of those guys who brings the type of things stat sheets ignore.

Last season with the Bulls, Viktor didn't get much love, but that may change. According to The Painted Area, he gets Eurobasket 1st team all-tourney honors (his team, Russia, won it all). Some slightly more famous guys on the 1st team are Kirilenko, Gasol, and Dirk. Go Viktor. I really hope the attention and possible confidence boost from this tournament will translate into him grabbing more minutes this season. Hopefully he doesn't feel the need to go back to Russia like AK-47, I would miss the guy.

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