Saturday, September 29, 2007

Koponen, Finnagler in Arms

News is that Petteri Koponen will begin his required six month service with the Finnish Defence Forces soon, where we hope he upholds proud Finnish tradition and masters the black art of Ski Warfare.

He will return to run point for the Honka Playboys (who have a picture of Albert Einstein on their homepage, naturally) this season, so season ticket holders need not be concerned. According to DeceptivelyQuick/Invisible Finnish Hand dual-operative "H.T.", he is likely to complete service next April at the rank of Lance Corporal. Of course, once they get a taste of his one handed no look passes, I estimate he will be elevated to at least Brigadier General.

Also from H.T., a Finnish music video that apparently takes place in a space station, I guess. I'm cautious in posting this, as I imagine it is some sort of tool used by Invisible Finnish Hand Operatives to communicate with each other in the field. But the dance at the beginning sort of reminds of Crank dat Soulja Boy:

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