Monday, September 10, 2007

Oden knee surgery, DO NOT SAY IT...sam bowie...GAAAA!

God no. Knee surgery. The one thing they said could be a big issue, injuries. The Blazers stellar young three, Roy, Aldridge, and Oden, all know the injury bug well enough. We knew the future Blazer Dynasty is far from assured. It could be a good mansion, but its foundation is built on sand, even more so than most.

Already, we've come to this. Greg Oden, knee surgery. Arthroscopic knee surgery is still scary, I don't care if they call it "exploratory," or if a few recent recepients seem to have made good comebacks.

People started murmuring about Sam Bowie when Portland got the top pick this year. It scared me. Its just something a Blazer fan doesn't talk about. But we think about it. Now this.

Hey, assuming Oden does lots of sitting, we got a good shot at the top pick again. I can't even listen to myself. I really hope Durant isn't Jordan.

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