Thursday, September 27, 2007

Davis Cup Finals comes to Portland

Definitely not Blazers related, but if you haven't heard, the Davis Cup Final will be held at Memorial Coliseum November 30-December 2. As you may know, I've come to embrace tennis as my second favorite sport, so I'm excited. Stars like Andy Roddick, James Blake, and the Boba Fett of professional Tennis, Nikolay Davydenko. Roddick wants to export all clay from the state, tennis humor!

Great tennis, patriotism, and a Cold War throwback USA vs. Russia matchup up. Not to mention tennis hooligans (an old SNL skit with David Hyde Pierce that I can't find on youtube. It involves shifting in your seat as the player you don't like serves, awesome.)

Tickets on sale October 15.

Thanks to DeceptivelyQuick operative Brrrrrrrrrr! for the tip.

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