Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Scoop Jackson, I salute you

Its in my nature to produce in uneven amounts. I'm sporadic like that. But this hasn't been the reason for my lack of blogging lately. First of all, there's not really a whole lot going on with the Blazers right now. Second, The US Open is on.

Football is "kicking off" as they like to cleverly say. In the U.S., people are nuts about this. I watch college and pro, and have my teams that I follow, watch, and what not. I enjoy the game. But seriously, there's something better going on. The US Open is on.

A statement such as this...this is against The Collective of the American Sportsfan. Close to blasphemy. Tennis? TENNIS?!? Indeed sir, The US Open is on.

I started a post outlining why tennis is so great, then paused and trailed off, wondering why I felt compelled to do such a thing. I guess after taking heat from various representatives of The Collective, virtually all of whom admit to never even really watching tennis, I was on the defensive. If you watch, you will see how great this is. Go ahead, you still have time, The US Open is on.

Scoop Jackson decided to draw attention to the fact that The US Open is on, daring to create a list detailing why the event is better than college football. Deadspin called it a pile of crap, which is a criticism lobbed at much of Scoop's work, but this time could be a reaction to his audacity to go against a cornerstone of The Collective. I can't imagine what his mailbag will look like. Oh yes, The US Open is on.

If you've never bothered to watch The US Open (is on), take a quick look at Scoop's list, here's another link. He may be known as a marginalized hack, but still, he saw the light and spoke on it. HE, a member of ESPN. ESPN, an entity that controls much of The Collective but also relies upon it for survival, similar to the sentient machines' control of and dependence on human life in The Matrix. This is a crack in the wall. Dissemination is imminent. Is Scoop's destiny parallel to that of NEO? If so, who is this guy? The US Open is on, like the television.

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