Monday, May 25, 2009

The Blazers 2009 Draft. I'm confused.

Posting has been a little slow around these parts over the last week. Contrary to popular belief this has not been totally attributable to the bout of depression resulting from Akeem Scott leaving the Honka Playboys. In fact I have begun to write several posts relating to the Blazers 2009 Draft. None of them have made sense, even by Deceptively Quick standards.

There was one about using trades and picks to move into a lottery spot. Another one was about using those resources to nab more draft picks in the sexier 2010 Draft. Or a veteran. (Hi.) There was one about Jrue Holiday, and then one in direct contradiction saying that the Blazers should not go younger if they don't have to. 

It was all garbage. For the first time in a while, the Blazers do not need anything major out of the draft. The main pieces are mostly in place and now the focus is on finding the best ways to complement them. That is harder to talk about, or maybe just not as fun. Definitely more confusing.

So take everything you hear with two grains of salt instead of just one. At some vague level I think we have reached a consensus that this team needs some sort of upgrade in the point guard rotation and a power forward (in the traditional sense of the word) to come off the bench. Who those people are and if these needs are actual are now the discussion.

This draft and off-season will be so intriguing because there is no clear path for improvement outside of the individual growth of those already under contract. Trade for a veteran? Move up in the draft? Find a player with the current picks? Nobody knows. And when nobody knows, it is time to break out the old line from the 2007 Draft: In Kevin Pritchard We Trust.

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