Monday, May 11, 2009

Presenting the best thing in the Universe: The Yamhill Highflyers

Wow. I mean, really. The burst of euphoria running through my body is really going to be difficult to convey here. This is not related to the NBA. Or Finland-things. Try to follow.

My appreciation of the IBL has been well established. I mean, I literally saw God at an IBL game. No. I saw God in an IBL game. (Good handle, shaky jumper.) The fact that this cost $5 and was in a high school gym only made it better.

Then I started hearing that the IBL was putting a new team close to my home town in rural Oregon. I was excited. When you grow up in an area without a lot of these types of things you get impressed pretty easily. The prospect of catching a delightfully novel IBL game added a new layer of cool to all my future return trips home.

Then I discovered the name of the team. I may have crapped my pants. Consider me an instant fan. There are no guarantees that this will not be incorporated into the DeceptivelyQuick JPEG Banner of Honor.

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