Friday, May 8, 2009

Weakened Pondering: Stop the Rocket hating madness edition

I'm a person that is surprised quite a lot. (For example, did you know that they're making a new Predator movie?) Accordingly, I was taken off-guard by the degree of Rockets hatred that Portland fans gained from the Blazers first round loss. Sour grapes are to be expected, but this was something else. I heard multiple people saying that they hope the Lakers dominate the Rockets. The Lakers. Local sports radio (ugh) came to the conclusion that there are no Western Conference teams worth rooting for anymore. 

Why hate the Rockets? Because your team didn't get regular-season calls during the playoffs? Please. Perhaps those on the Blazers' roster weren't the only ones showing a little post-season naivete.

A general rule of sports is to find some consolation when the team that beat you goes on to more success. It would say a lot about how good Portland is if the Rockets went on to win the title. Plus they are playing the Lakers, a team that so many of you claim is Portland's main rival. (Stay hilariously delusional, Rip City.) Your long-term hatred of the Lakers, if as actual as you claim, should easily outweigh your bitterness over losing to Houston.

I'm not sure how a fan of the game of basketball could not like the Rockets. They are a collection of uncommon talents and shortcomings that play beautiful team basketball. Yao Ming has always been easy to root for with his humble determination and never-before-seen package of size and skill. Ron Artest is one of the most entertaining players in basketball. On the court his defense is easy to appreciate and his bull-in-a-china-shop-shooting-loose-cannons offensive style has always kept my interest. Plus, tell me you didn't smile at least a little when he called Brandon Roy the best NBA player that he has ever had to guard. Aaron Brooks, he who played for the University of Oregon, is microscopic in stature and uses his blazing quickness and confidence to make an impact. Don't get me started on Von Wafer. Read this article and find a way to not like Shane Battier. Scola gets under your skin, but he is a classic get under your skin love to hate kind of role player. He even looks weird! Plus how can you not enjoy watching Houston's under-heighted (not undersized!) front-line stifle their taller opponents? What is the matter with you?

If none of the above has convinced you, I think you need a visit to Dr. Bob Newhart.

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