Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In exchange for a chance to meet a basketball legend, I will promote your event with no shame

Did you notice earlier this month when blog entries like this one (and this one) detailing a Sprite sponsored dunk contest popped up pretty much everywhere? That was the result of some blog-marketing (blogeting!) strategy that may have gotten the event some good exposure without a lot of cost. I got the e-mail as well, but my laziness prevents me from scratching corporate backs without receiving any thing in return.

Since the Portland portion of the event is coming up soon the blogeters (yes!) sent out another round of promotional e-mails. This time they came with some goods. Check out this excerpt, the emphasis is all me:
What’s In It For You?
If you are interested, we can get you any or all of the following:
• Digital assets including banners/graphics and promotional videos
• Interview access to top amateur dunkers Air Bama and Troy McCray
Meet and greet with Darryl Dawkins at the event
• Blog Q&A
Wait. So I go to your event, do a blog post or two about it, and as a result I get to meet Chocolate Thunder? I was a little young to see Dawkins in his prime, but when I was growing up a country rube without internet or cable TV I watched this video on VHS several hundred times. As a result my young and impressionable mind was imprinted with a deep appreciation for the alien from Planet Lovetron. Sprite has never tasted so good. The rest of the details are below. Go to the event, and drink Sprite. Sprite!

As a recap, the program has a lot to offer for dunkers and fans who want to take part in the action.

For Dunkers:
• One champion dunker will be selected in Portland, winning $1000 and other great prizes
• For those who can’t make the event, two champions will be selected via the online video submission contest
LeBron James will be one of the judges that will select the two online video submission winners
• Of the ten total champions (we’re doing this in 7 other cities), the public will vote for their favorites and the top four dunkers will be sent to the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas to compete for the $10,000 Grand Prize and the opportunity to be involved on the Saturday night NBA Slam Dunk Contest
• VIP Access: This is the added bonus. The four finalists will get seats to both the 2010 NBA All-Star Game and The NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and inside access to players and legends
• Shwag: The 40 dunk contestants who participate in the Showdown events in each market will receive authentic jerseys, shorts and adidas basketball shoes

For Fans:
• This is an official NBA Sprite sponsored event, and LeBron James certified, which means the best of the best will be attracted to compete. The stakes are high
• Fan Votes Count. Voting via SMS at the events and online votes for the final round to determine the four champions that will go to Dallas keeps this fan-focused and ultimately fan-crowned
• 8 opportunities to see the best dunkers live
• Interaction with other fans via Facebook and Twitter


kellex said...

The best part is that they contacted me a couple of weeks ago and I posted then and also tried to con the chick out of some free swag...and then she sent another generic email like she had never spoken to me before.

No second post honey!

Jack Brown said...

Kellex you HAVE to come! Darryl Dawkins man!

kellex said...

I'll likely be there :)

I better run another post on that today actually.

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