Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rasheed Wallace to retire?

Are back-to-back Jailblazer posts acceptable? Anyways, a guy who knows a guy who knows Rasheed Wallace says that the four time All-Star is planning on walking away from the League unless a team gives him $8 million for next season. (If true, that means he is leaving.)

Wallace hasn't played for Portland since 2003 but still manages to trigger strong feelings within Rip City. His most productive years were here, and he delivered his share of W's to the franchise. If things had been even a little more stable we may be talking about Rasheed as one of the greatest to ever play for Portland. Instead we remember him as the player that responded to being the focal point of a team by tearing it all down. The man who finally got his on-court act together, relatively speaking, to help deliver a title to a different team. But hey, he was the best player of the JailBlazer era by a mile. I'm going to go break something.

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