Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blazers Big Win Over the Lakers

The Lakers, an elite team since stealing Gasol from Memphis, came to Portland with a 10 game winning streak last night. Not too long ago, Portland got a beating from the Lakers in LA. Portland fans, in general, hate the Lakers and are especially rabid when they come to town. Brandon Roy was back. These factors swirled together to give the Blazers a surreal emotional lift, and even when it was close you had the feeling they would only accept victory this time around.

Blazers 119, Lakers 111 (boxscore)

I know that the Blazers aren't likely to make the playoffs in the stacked West. Still, this win feels like it means something. Its the first time they've won consecutive games since January Ninth. Brandon Roy was hoping the team would use this game as an opportunity to spark an enthusiastic finish down the stretch. Everything is Everything.

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