Thursday, March 27, 2008

Roy Isn't Hurt, He Just Needs His Joints Re-Welded

It makes sense to just give Roy an early vacation to rest his hip/groin injuries. The playoffs aren't on the line, some other guys could use the opportunity, his long term health is much more important, all those things.

Logic aside (a great way to preface a discussion), I'm still a little bummed. The Blazers finishing over .500 would have been neat. Really though, I was excited to watch this team play spoiler down the stretch. Check out the remaining schedule, here's a sample: New Orleans, Lakers (twice), Houston, SanAntonio, Dallas, and Phoenix. Five teams grappling for position in the best Western Conference playoff race ever.

Watching Portland go out with a bang by causing one of these teams to fall a slot or even lose homecourt would have been an insanely gratifying end to the season. It is all still possible, but significantly less probable with the team Roy-less. (See Exhibit A).

Of course, like all Blazer news not involving feelings puppies and sunshine, you have to follow it up with what is most important. "Spoiler?" Please. This team is on the road to championships. Ah yes, the future. We will all be Robots, but there will still be only one RoyBot.

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