Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Good to be back. First off, this business of celebration. DeceptivelyQuick just turned a year old! Predictably, we are still mostly shitting all over ourselves. But anways...

Just a year ago DeceptivelyQuick bravely decided to strike out into the world of obscure sports blogging. It has cost me my job, my family, and my health. Yet it has brought me great fame and fortune. Those sentences were lies. I'd link to the first post to prove it to you, but it is horrible, even by the standards of this blog, horrible. This implies that if I keep blogging for another year, when I look back at this post I will undoubtedly realize it is horrible as well. Depressing.

Forget that, we should be happy people, like R. Kelly says. Thats right, another R. Kelly reference. Again, good to be back. I'll re-post some old entries because I'm lazy to take a nostalgic look at some fun stuff you probably missed the first time around.

We're talking back when daily page views were in the single digits. Before the Invisible Finnish Hand took over, before other places linked here, before Zach Randolph was traded. There was some true insanity going on in this place back then. Humor me.

And since we're celebrating...

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