Sunday, March 23, 2008

Enjoying the doldrums

As of right now, the Blazers have just twelve games left in the season. The playoffs are out, but it has been an overachieving year that somehow managed to turn a potentially bright future into something approaching supernova.

The race in the Western Conference is more compelling than ever. March Madness is in full-swing. It would be understandable if we all took a little break from our Blazer obsession for a minute or two. Of course, that isn't happening.

Media and fans seem to have made the natural move to talking about the future as if the season were complete. Oden will be here! Rudy Fernandez! What will KP pull in the draft? What other personnel moves will be made?

With an exciting future and so much else going on, is there reason to watch Portland's regular season play out? Watching these last few games, it feels like the doldrums. LaMarcus has been great to watch, although dominating an Clippers frontline that is closer to NBDL than NBA shouldn't be too surprising. The Blazers still look like they've given up on Sergio, who hasn't played double digit minutes since February 13th. Roy is still Everything, which is always good to watch. Outlaw hasn't maintained his awkwardly effective tornado of length and athleticism approach consistently.

I don't have an answer. The future of this team is far more compelling to think about than the remainder of the season, and there are definitely more exciting things going on elsewhere in the world of basketball. Are you still into the day to day happenings? Have you too shifted to the future? Have you skipped out entirely? I'd like to know, give it up in the comments or drop me a line.

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