Monday, March 31, 2008

Blazers pointguard of the future search OVER

One doesn't have to frequent BlazersEdge to get the sense that fans are antsy to find this team's pointguard of the future. Perhaps the supernova potential of the Blazers has made us all a tad spoiled. Still, looking at the roster, it is the most obvious need. And we are in the doldrums. So who will this player be? Where will the magical pointguard come from? The current roster? The draft? Another team? Europe? Who is this person?

I'm happy to announce the situation has been settled, and we can finally get back to obsessing about more important things like Greg Oden playing a pickup game. The answer is a young, mostly unknown talent by the name of Paolo Darroca. Whether he needs to run the offense or spot up in the corner when Roy takes over, Paolo is the man* for the job. More size than Blake, a more consistent shot than Sergio, and a better decision maker than Jack. Sure, maybe he's a little more combo-guard than pure point, but the talent to adjust to team needs is there. I let the video evidence speak for itself:

*technically, puberty pending

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