Monday, March 3, 2008

Joel Pryzbilla Knows When to Hold Em

I'll admit one Joel Pryzbilla is often underrepresented on this blog. Sort of odd, considering how much I like the guy. For the record, I am a usual supporter of the "Why doesn't Joel get more minutes?" fan-complainer's coalition. Maybe its because he's not a robot. Maybe its because he doesn't look a little like Nick Cannon. Or maybe I'm just too lazy and obsessed with the future young-core to spread a little more love his way.

In any case, I found an interesting tidbit about him via Deadspin this morning. The Fan's Attic has a dynamite find detailing a bet between Joel and a Blazers trainer:

If Przybilla doesn't play in all 82 games, he has to buy Jensen dinner. But if he does play in every game, Jensen has to kiss Przybilla's behind at half court after the Blazers' final game.

Joel is looking like he's going to make it. Funny, but even funnier if the Blazers management actually goes with it. From the trainer's perspective, I really hope that would have been one hell of a dinner.

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