Sunday, February 8, 2009

Awesome Blazers garbage on Ebay: Volume I

As Blaze of Love pointed out, there really is some awesomely horrible Blazers crap available for purchase. But what about second hand Blazers crap? That, my friends, is a treasure trove awaiting your arrival. Here are some of my favorites currently available on Ebay:

- What could be better than a Jarrett Jack bobble head? A Jarret Jack bobble head AND a Jamaal Magloire bobble head! The fact that such an object as a Magloire bobble head exists has me searching for new answers on life.

- Everyone remembers those rad Dairy Queen Blazers Glasses. You can buy the whole set. For some reason when I was younger a glass featuring Clyde Drexler laying in a net converted into a hammock spinning a tennis ball on his finger seemed totally normal. If my parents got rid of our family collection of these you will find me bidding on this auction shortly.

- If you can explain what that picture is in front of the TRAILBLAZERS type please tell me. So far I think I make out an axe.

- A somewhat disturbing Clyde Drexler Dream Team t-shirt.

- A Blazers pinwheel belt buckle.

- And my personal favorite, a genuine Bud Light 1987 Blazers Playoff Cap. With laser inscribed autographs! I plan on bidding on this and am really, really hoping it has one of those elastic band things around the back for maximum comfort.

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