Friday, February 13, 2009

Who is Matthew Hirsch and why is he taunting me?

So you probably know that I was very much against Rudy Fernandez participating in the upcoming Dunk Contest. I think I made that clear. With my official stance on the record, I was confused at this e-mail I received recently:


With the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest taking place this Saturday, I wanted to remind you that fans can text their vote or vote at to help choose this year's champion. Here are some new videos of Rudy Fernandez trying to win over the fans:

Rudy on the Competition:

Top 10 Dunks:

For more info, see the official Sprite Slam Dunk page:

Watch NBA All-Star Saturday Night Feb. 14 On TNT To Decide Who Will Be The 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Champion!


Matt Hirsch

360i on behalf of Coca-Cola

*Any information, assets, or exclusive online content shared in this message does not create an obligation to mention or endorse Sprite*
My original hope was that this was some auto-message that got my e-mail from But if that were the case, it seems odd that didn't send it themselves (itself?). It also seems strange that they would generate a letter that pumped up one only one contestant.

Was it a mass message to Blazer Bloggers? Does a secret Blazer Blog e-mail list exist in some corporate database? For now I choose to believe there is some sort of dark conspiracy at work against Deceptively Quick. But who? Why?!?

Anyone seen Finland around lately?

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