Monday, January 19, 2009

Rudy Fernandez wins dunk contest entry, will be crushed in competition

We all saw this coming, but word is out that Rudy Fernandez won the vote and will be competing in the NBA dunk contest. I am now trying to decide between two theories on the motivations of the people who actually voted for Rudy:

1) They are such big fans that they are delusional about his chances in this competition.


2) A significant amount of people want to see Rudy get embarrassed and so have voted him into a contest that he does not belong in as a joke. (This isn't what happened, but would be hilarious, shout-out to China!)

While I cringe thinking about what Rudy's dunks will look like when compared with those of Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson, and Rudy Gay, I am happy this will all be over soon. I could not handle any more of Rudy "rapping."

At this time I would like to refer you to my original Don't Vote Rudy post:
I know that you are excited by the idea of a Blazer in the dunk contest. I am on record agreeing with you on that. But I beg you, do not vote for Rudy to be included in this event. Unless he has some sort of hidden ability we are not aware of, the man does not belong. Yes, I know he finishes a lot of alley oops. Yes, I know he did this to Dwight Howard. I am not putting forth the argument that the man is not athletic. I'm just saying that he is probably not NBA Dunk Contest athletic.

Have you honestly ever seen Rudy reach a level of elevation on a dunk that is not achievable by the average NBA shooting guard? This is a League where a player shorter than Fernandez, who has had knee surgery, can make this look pedestrian. And that guy will never be in a dunk contest.
Yeah. Thanks for listening. And to the cheerleader blazer blogs that encouraged this, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Moose said...

Jack Brown, I voted for Rudy many times, and here's why.

I think that against Joe Alexander and Russell Westbrook, he'd put on the best show. We knew that Alexander, Fernandez and Russell would all get killed against Gay, Howard and Nate Rob, but I think he'd be the most entertaining, and I love the in-game dunks. He'd do the best against these awesome dunkers. Just IMHO.

Jack Brown said...

Nice, Moose. Now that he's in there I really hope I'm wrong. He doesn't need to win, but hopefully he can pull out something interesting. And if this had been for the three-point shooting contest, I would have been voting Rudy all along.

Moose said...

I'm with you on that. I'm rooting for J-Rich to become the first to win both. Unless RayRay suddenly magically goes. None of those guys were going to win anyways.

Rodman said...

Yo tambien vote por Rudy y esoy impaciente por ver de que es capaz.

Te dejo un link de una entrevista que le hicieron la pasada noche a Rudy en el programa de mas audencia de la radio espaƱola. La entrevista con Rudy esta en el utlimo tercio del archivo.

Un saludo,

Shiva said...

Well, I think Rudy should have got more points on the second dunk , technically was maybe the most difficoult of the contest ! . About the first, maybe it was quite emotive for Spanish but not for US , and maybe he confused in that one... Well, I think he should have been in the final !

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