Friday, January 16, 2009

Darius plays his tenth game, Miles-gate turns into Miles Missle Crisis

So that happened. Now, will the Blazers call on the firm Ha, Ha, & Ha and actually file a lawsuit? I personally think that the franchise's image has taken enough of a hit from this ordeal already, so am hoping not. Then again I do love a circus. ("Circus" meaning big embarrassing legal battles played out in front of the media, not an actual circus. Those are terrifying.) Also, there are no funny pictures of Blazers President Larry Miller on the internet.

UPDATE: If you are interested in how the Miles Missle Crisis has impacted perceptions of Kevin Pritchard, check out this article by Adrian Wojnarowski. Ouch.


Zach Lowe said...

I actually think Ha, Ha & Ha specializes in corporate transactions, not litigation. They may have to look into retaining Knee, Knee & Knee.

Jack Brown said...

I also think that Raef LaFrentz should be involved.

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