Friday, January 16, 2009

Will Memphis end the Miles saga tonight?

The Memphis Grizzlies host the Utah Jazz tonight. I tell you this because A) you may live in a cave and B) if you do, you might not be aware that it could be Darius Miles' tenth game of the season, meaning that Big Pun's salary will go back on the Blazer's books.

Many people seem to be thinking Miles will enter the game tonight, the Blazers salary cap flexibility will be impacted, and we can all move on from there. That is the most likely scenario, and while it sucks, at least we could all get on with our lives.

But if other GM's hate Kevin Pritchard as much as reported, I would find it bad-funny if Memphis sat Miles tonight just to prolong the agony. It would twist the knife a bit, keep the story in the news and on our minds, keep us watching, maybe even until the season is nearly over. It would also be another opportunity for one of the many Type A personality GM's to show everyone who is really in control.

And again, as I will add to every Miles-gate post from now on, this is all the fault of your Portland Trailblazers. I ask you to accept this if you have not already.

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