Sunday, January 18, 2009

Von Wafer Watch: Does it all have to end here edition

I have been dragging you all through my Von Wafer-thing quite a bit lately. It makes no sense really, the guy was a Trailblazer for a total of 64 minutes of his NBA game career. The justification I gave for writing so much about him was that on his player page he still wore a Blazers jersey. After all, if an illiterate (who has memorized NBA jerseys) came across that page, this individual would assume Wafer was still a member of the Portland Trailblazers. Don't think about it too much and it makes perfect sense.

The Von Wafer Watch was born, as was the Waferd List. By the way, he had another good night Saturday; although cold from three he still finished with 17 points and contributed 6 rebounds. But when checking up on my latest obsession, I came across an unfortunate discovery:

Wafer has been on such a tear that has done the unthinkable and updated his player photo. I'm happy to see Wafer getting a little respect, but regret that this means that the Wafer Watch must be dissolved. Expect an anamnesis.


Anonymous said...

SAY IT AINT SO! Thats ok, Wafer Watch V2.0 is in motion. I keep it goin like Kung-Fu the Legend Continues, (note: Original series, Kung-Fu, was better but the 2nd didnt dissappoint)! Wafer is the newest addition to my fantasy squad, the saga continues!


Jack Brown said...


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