Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grizz re-sign Darius Miles, naturally

The Memphis Grizzlies were so scared of Portland's e-mail threats they up and signed Big Pun pretty much immediately.

Many people who run sports teams are Type A personalities. When you tell somebody like that they can't do something, chances are they will just to prove that you don't control them. If Memphis didn't sign Miles, I'm sure somebody else would have. Maybe that wouldn't have happened if the e-mail didn't go out.

Miles will likely play the required two games and his salary will go back on Portland's books. It will make things a little tighter, but Portland already has the talent. In all this, don't forget it was Portland's fault. Hang the blame on Paul Allen for craving Miles in the first place and giving him the contract. And put it on the front office for pulling a shady move declaring Miles medically unable to play when he clearly can.

(Assist to Blaze of Love.)


Moose said...

Nice blog. I like it. Are you a Blazers fan? Check out my blogs, found here . . . . and

Jack Brown said...

Thanks, will do. If the Blazer theme isn't obvious I've officially become far too random.

Moose said...

No, it's obvious, I was just confirming. Thanks and all of that!

fan from the start said...

Please stop with the misinformation. No one affilliated with the Blazers had a hand in the decision. A David Stearn appointed NBA Dr conducted the exam and made the call. Spread truth.

Jack Brown said...

We are very grateful for your guidance. Yes, Portland had nothing to do with any of this, it was clearly the Doctor's fault, and the poor Blazers now have to pay the price. Cruel World! Victims I say! Victims!

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