Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Von Wafer's recent blowuptuation

It isn't a secret that this blog jumps off the Blazer tracks and screeches into topical obscurity from time to time. And why not? A big advantage of a no cost/no profit blog is that you have nothing to lose by indulging your flights of fancy. But DeceptivelyQuick was never intended to be esoteric. It sort of is supposed to feel like a Blazers blog. But where is the line? I don't know exactly, but I am starting to sense its nearness. All brought on by Mr. Von Wafer. Of course.

On January 2nd he blew up in his twelve mostly garbage minutes. That performance and Houston's roster depletion due to injury have resulted in Von Wafer starting. As a bit of a Waferphile, I was ecstatic. And although I consider the man a Blazer until updates his player page, I decided nobody but me and the Wafer family really cared.

Apparently I was wrong; over the course of Wafer's last three games I have received Wafer related text messages from three people that know me and three e-mails from people who don't. This is what blogger books call the "Wafer niche," and while it is small, I assure you that it is very real. Don't be surprised to see a new Von Wafer Watch feature. It is on my friend, welcome to your new premier source for Von Wafer news and gossip.

Just what has our man done in his last three games to get all seven of us so pumped? He's averaged over 16 a game while only taking 11 shots in just 26 minutes per. Yes, you can say that his team has lost all of those games. But nobody likes you and your cynicism, so don't. Get Waferd!

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