Thursday, January 8, 2009

Roundball Mining Company declares war on DeceptivelyQuick

You know how I feel about Von Wafer; I want this blog to be your premier source for all Von Wafer related news and gossip. (And as always, I remind you that this is relevant because I consider him a Blazer until updates his player page.)

When you find yourself wondering, "Who got Waferd?" I want you to direct your interweb machine to this very site. Its called the Wafer niche, and you can look it up in a blogging book if you don't know. Wafer!

But it isn't all good times. It has become clear to me that an anti-Wafer movement is slowly gathering strength. Official link buddy Roundball Mining Company has pointed out our man's recent dunk mishap:

Von Wafer not cleared for takeoff

You may have seen this clip by now, but in case you missed it here is former Von Wafer’s attempt to throw down on the Celtics.

The worst part of the whole thing, other than the embarrassment, is the fact the Celtics hit a three in transition on the other end.

We respect our colleague's work greatly, but the Roundball Mining Company is clearly underestimating Wafer's power in this instance. We do not dispute the missed dunk, but point to evidence that it was all in Wafer's master plan. You see, by missing that dunk, the Celtics perceived him to suck. Players that suck are no threat. With this seed planted in their minds, the Celtics figured there was no need to guard Wafer in the waning seconds of the close game. Then this happened:

Wafer's missed dunk-game winning three is the basketball equivalent of Ali's rope-a-dope. So great is his mastery that even a steady sports blog fell for it. Boston Celtics and Roundball Mining Company, you have been Waferd!


Anonymous said...

Von Wafer carry a team like the Von Trapp Family Singers carry a tune.


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