Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taurean Green vs. Joel Freeland, will DeceptivelyQuick explode?

Being that Blazers draftee Joel Freeland and former Blazer Taurean Green both play in Spain's ACB League, it was only a matter of time before these DeceptivelyQuick favorites faced each other. That day is nearly upon us.

Thanks to a heads up from international blogger comrade Rodman, I was alerted that on January 22nd Green's CAI Zarazoga will take on Freeland's Kalisa Gran Canaria. Joel Freeland should be back from the injury that caused him to sit out one game and start another. (Seriously.) I mean, Freeland should be ready to play. But when it comes to European basketball, I am wrong more often than not. Send positive thoughts his way, because this match up needs to happen.

Green is currently putting up 11.9 points (52% from two, 40% from three, and 79% free throws) and 2.5 assists in 26 minutes per game in his first ACB season. His numbers have been more consistent lately and he is now wreaking the sort of havoc we all knew he was capable of on a regular basis.

After rarely playing in his first ACB season, Joel Freeland has become an important contributor off the bench. He is currently averaging 10.3 points (63% FG, 68% FT) and 4.2 rebounds in just 17 minutes per game. His contract with Gran Canaria is also up this season, hint hint.

UPDATE: Thanks to Rodman for coming through with yet another happy tip, Joel Freeland will most likely play. Here is some auto-translated roughness:
The pivot of the Gran Canaria Kalisa, Joel Freeland, who was low since last December 18 by an injury in his right foot and then by suffering a sprained his left ankle when he reappeared before the Pamesa Valencia, has been returned to the working sessions of all Salva Maldonado and unless unforeseen last minute, will be before the CAI Zaragoza on Thursday, 22, from 20.00 hours in Hall canaria Príncpe Felipe de Zaragoza.

More importantly, the Gran Canaria Kalis has been unable to have all its troops in the past six disputed commitments in CBA League and Eurocup:

Lietuvos Rytas - Kalise Gran Canaria: No Joel Freeland.

TAU Cerámica - Kalise Gran Canaria: No Joel Freeland.

Kalise Gran Canaria - BC Azovmash: No Joel Freeland and Jim Moran.

Kalise Gran Canaria - CB Murcia: No Joel Freeland and Jim Moran.

Pamesa Valencia - Kalise Gran Canaria: No Joel Freeland and Melvin Sanders.
Freeland had to withdraw in the first minutes of the meeting by a sprained his left ankle.

Kalisa Gran Canaria - Bilbao iurbentia: No Joel Freeland and Melvin Sanders
Get excited.


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