Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trade Deadline Day, Michael Ruffin!

With all the rumors that the Blazers have been in it would be kind of funny if their only trade ended up being Ike Diogu for Michael Ruffin. It sounded like a decent basketball deal at first, while Diogu is probably the better player the Blazers rarely play him. Portland also needed another center on the roster, especially with Oden's injuries. Then I realized Ruffin is actually smaller than Diogu. Being that Diogu is considered a bit undersized for a power forward, I have a hard time thinking Ruffin has the size to be the extra center Portland needs. I could be wrong, I really know nothing about the man other than his dimensions.

But this deal wasn't really about what happens on the court. As explained by Blazer's Edge, the Diogu/Ruffin exchange saves the Blazers about 4 million dollars. Portland also gained a $3 million trade exception, which is nice.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled trade deadline hysteria. If you want to avoid work, follow along with me. Your boss doesn't appreciate you anyways.

UPDATE: It's all over now, and Portland has indeed decided to stand pat outside of the Diogu deal. I think we all deserve a nap.

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