Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Linksta 2/17/09

A bunch of links from Rip City and beyond. Because I care.

- Yeah, Oden is hurt again. I like the take over at Blaze of Love.

- To Trade or Not To Trade? [Bust a Bucket.]

- Old by internet standards, but many Blazer fans would very much enjoy this take on Kobe Bryant's 61 point game. [What Would Oakley Do?]

- An EPIC piece on Shane Battier. You will be a better hoops fan after you read it. Promise. [NY Times.]

- You know what we really need right now? More trade rumors! Dwight Jaynes speculates on Sam Cassell (!) to Portland, then calls it "intriguing." Awesome! [Dwight Jaynes.]

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