Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Darius Miles signs with Memphis, soul-mate Z-Bo kind of has his back

In case you missed all the excitement, the Memphis Grizzlies indeed signed Darius Miles to a non-guaranteed contract. Now that he is on a roster Miles will begin serving his ten game (!) diet-pills suspension and be eligible to begin playing January 4th. After that the Grizz have until January 7 to decide whether or not to guarantee his contract. If they do, the countdown to Blazer ramifications will begin.

Put Darius on a team with a bunch of young talent, great idea. This will end well.

There really are quite a few sources chiming in on this, which is sort of surprising. My favorite so far is from HoopsWorld, who got some perspective on the signing from Zach Randolph. Naturally. Anywho, it features my favorite quote on the topic so far:

"Yeah. Kind of," Randolph said when asked if Miles is misunderstood.

So awesome.


goonerluke said...

Yeah, Darius is about as misunderstood as any NBA player who straight up admits in an interview that after some practices you can wring two full shots of Barbarosa out of his t-shirt.

Jack Brown said...

Z-Bo kind of agrees.

Sheed said...


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